Ngā Heke

Wellington Museum

Wellington Museum’s newest exhibition.

New exhibition

Ngā Heke, Wellington Museum’s newest exhibition, showcases different perspectives of Wellington’s colourful history. Journey through stories of Māori migration to Wellington, look at quirky objects of Wellington’s past and consider alternate histories.

The objects on display each have their own story and connection to the Wellington region. From the Evergreen Coffee House sign to the effigy of Archibald Baxter, this collection reflects a social and cultural history of Wellington that’s fascinating, weird at times, but always engaging. There are also Alternate Histories – where we play with history and offer a choice of two different historical possibilities. You decide (and vote!)

New stories and experiences

We’ve updated Mana Whenua stories of Wellington and have added to our existing taonga, the poupou and tukutuku panels of Te Whanganui a Tara and A Millenium Ago, by bringing in Māori voices from a contemporary perspective. These take the form of a visual and sound experience with new artworks by contemporary young Māori artists, writers and poets.

There’s also a fun space for children (and adults) which plays on the alternate history theme where they can write their own museum labels.

New look

The look of Ngā Heke is different as well. Where the Attic has a Victorian Steampunk style theme, Ngā Heke is the complete opposite – with a rib-like structural design and a cleaner, almost pared-back modern gallery feel. It will be bolder with strong graphics and the Wellington colours of yellow and black dominating.

Ngā Heke. A museum experience that highlights the migrations, journeys and different perspectives of Wellington. All coming together in one unique and engaging space.

Come and visit Ngā Heke on Level 2 of Wellington Museum.