Space Place is home to a state of the art Sky-Skan digital fulldome planetarium system hosting a range of planetarium movies for every age.

Planetarium Schedule

Space Place is home to a state of the art Sky-Skan digital fulldome planetarium system hosting a range of planetarium movies for every age.  Each film (except Matariki Dawn and Family of the Sun) also has a 15 minute live Night’s Sky presentation, so visitors can get to know their night skies.

Scroll down for our current planetarium show schedule.

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CAPCOM GO! The Apollo Story

50 years ago the Apollo 11 astronauts risked everything to set foot on the moon. Discover the story of bravery, determination, ingenuity and hope which will inspire the next generation of explorers and dreamers to overcome obstacles and reach for the stars.  

 Produced NSC Creative

Tuesday 7pm

Friday 5pm

Saturday 1 & 6pm

Sunday 12pm

Matariki Dawn

Matariki Dawn

Explore the spectacular star cluster known as Matariki, and learn about its importance to our culture, our calendar, and our astronomical knowledge of the night sky. Includes two animated Māori stories – the tale of Rangi and Papa and the legend of Rona and the Moon.

Tuesdays & Fridays 6pm   

Saturdays 12pm & 5pm  

Sundays 2pm

Phantom of the Universe

Phantom of the Universe

Phantom of the Universe takes audiences on an immersive journey to join scientists in the hunt for Dark Matter.
Narrated by Tilda Swinton. 

Fridays 8pm   

Saturdays 9pm    

Sundays 4pm

We Are Stars

We are Stars

Do you ever wonder how the universe was created? Roll up and experience the Big Bang, find out how atoms are made and discover the shared origin between planets, stars and you!

A Production of NSC Creative

Tuesdays 8pm*    

Fridays 7pm   

Saturdays 11am  

Sundays 3pm

*On the first Tuesday of each month we host Astronomy on Tap, therefore our regular show is unavailable.

Dawn of the Space Age

From Sputnik to the Apollo missions, Yuri Gagarin’s first orbit of Earth to Neil Armstrong’s ‘one giant leap,’ Dawn of the Space Age tells the story of bravery, risk, ingenuity, and the indomitable human spirit that propelled humanity to reach for the stars and dream of the future.

Fridays 9PM


Dynamic Earth

Dynamic Earth

Dynamic Earth Produced by Spitz Creative Media

Explore the inner workings of Earth’s climate system. Ride along on a swirling ocean and wind currents, dive into the heart of a monster hurricane, come face to face with sharks and gigantic whales and fly into erupting volcanoes. 

Tuesdays 9pm*    

Saturdays 4pm

*On the first Tuesday of each month we host Astronomy on Tap, therefore this show is unavailable.

Bella Gaia

Inspired by astronauts who spoke of the life changing power of seeing the Earth from space, Bella Gaia is a stunning journey through dance and music, accompanied by breath-taking NASA images of our beautiful planet.

  Saturdays 7pm

Family of the Sun

Family of The Sun

Space Place’s very own sing-along planetarium show in both English and Te Reo Māori is a mix of science and Māori storytelling. Come see how the Moon orbits the Earth, and follow Pluto through the Solar System as she tries to find her way back home. Recommended for our youngest visitors/under 6s.*

Produced by Space Place at Carter Observatory

Saturday 10:15am

Sunday 10.15am

We Are Aliens

We are Aliens

If there really are Aliens out there, why haven’t we met any yet? Take a fascinating journey to find evidence of alien life in our galaxy and understand the latest research into this fast evolving area of science guided by UK scientists. Narrated by Rupert Grint, We are Aliens! is from the creators of the award-winning “We Are Astronomers” and “Astronaut” with music by Rhian Sheehan.

Friday 10pm  (In Mandarin)

Saturdays 3pm      

Sundays 11am

Dinosaurs at dusk

Dinosaurs at Dusk

Travel back in time with Lucy and her father to discover the origins of flights and experience first-hand the cataclysmic “last day” of the dinosaurs. Recommended for our younger visitorsView trailer

 Produced by Mirage 3D

Saturdays 2pm   

Sundays 1pm

We are Astronomers

We are Astronomers

We Are Astronomers A Production of NSC Creative
Tuesdays 5pm

Today’s astronomer is not the lone observer of past centuries. Learn about the global collaboration, technology and dedication required in astronomy today, and how astronomers work together to answer some of the biggest questions in the Universe.

Tuesdays 5pm

Saturday 8pm

Sunday 5pm (In Mandarin)

Current Planetarium Schedule

10:15amFamily of the SunFamily of the Sun
11amWe Are StarsWe Are Aliens
12pmMatariki DawnCAPCOM Go! The Apollo Story
1pmCAPCOM Go! The Apollo StoryDinosaurs at Dusk
2pmDinosaurs at DuskMatariki Dawn
3pmWe Are AliensWe Are Stars
4pmDynamic EarthPhantom of the Universe
5pmWe Are AstronomersCAPCOM Go! The Apollo StoryMatariki Dawn《追星先锋》 We Are Astronomers, Mandarin show
6pmMatariki DawnMatariki DawnCAPCOM Go! The Apollo Story
7pmCAPCOM Go! The Apollo StoryWe Are StarsBella Gaia
8pmWe Are Stars*Phantom of the UniverseWe Are Astronomers
9pmDynamic Earth*Dawn of the Space AgePhantom of the Universe
10pm《我们都是外星人!》 We Are Aliens, Mandarin Show

* On the first Tuesday of every month we host a great night out called Astronomy on Tap. This replaces our normal planetarium show schedule.

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