Astronomy on Tap

Explore the Universe. No international travel needed. 29 August, 26 September & 31 October.

Astronomy on Tap is back!

Experience the wonders of the Universe and embark on an extraordinary journey with Astronomy on Tap. Travel from Pōneke into the vast depths of space and beyond.

Upon arrival, receive a drink and your first-class inflight snacks. Then sit back and relax in our digital full-dome planetarium as we explore the night sky. Complete your trip through the galaxy with the cash bar and a look through interactive exhibitions.

Whether you’re accompanied by a special someone, a friend, or embarking on a solo adventure, raise your glass to the stars and enjoy the stellar ride.

$45pp | Last Tuesday of every month | 8PM – 10PM | R18 | Space Place

  • Tuesday, 26 September

Our September Astronomy on Tap will take you on a tour of our Southern skies and some of our closest celestial neighbours. While planets may get most of the praise and attention, the myriad moons in our solar system unveil the potential for the existence of life elsewhere in the universe.

  • Tuesday, 31 October

Red Giants, Solar Storms, and the Heat Death of the Universe! Come along and discover some of the hauntingly beautiful objects, unspeakable hazards, and frightening fireballs that surround our precious Little Blue Marble. Bring someone along for a close encounter of the thirsty kind at October’s Spooky Astronomy on Tap.

  • Tuesday, 28 November

Stellar nurseries, Supergiants, and Black holes: What is the life cycle of a star? Come along to November’s Astronomy on Tap and learn about our beautiful southern skies, stellar evolution, and how we are all made of star dust.

Mā te wā, see you soon!