The Barbie Collector Scavenger Hunt

Check your answers below!

  1. Can you find the Barbie with the horse? What is this Barbie’s name?
    A. Western Barbie (with horse Dallas in small display in the middle of the room)


2. What is the name of the biggest Barbie in the show? What age child can wear her dress?
A. My Size Barbie, 5 years old


3. How many astronaut and space Barbie can you find?
A. Five


4. How many Kens are in the cabinet?
A. 26 (there are even more Kens in the wall of boxed Barbies!)


5. Can you find an Earring Magic doll in the display wall
A. You can find him in the display wall towards the left. There is a Ken and a Barbie.


6. Is there a Barbie baby on display?
Yes! There is a baby in the display with the dreamhouse in the middle of the display wall. There is also a baby in the display of Fearne’s Barbies.

The Barbie Collector Word Search answers

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