Nairn Street Preservation Society: Edible Weeds and Flowers

Learn about the benefits and health properties of edible weeds and flowers that may well already be growing in your own back yard. Workshop includes plant identification, taste-testing, and easy ways of incorporating weeds into your daily diet. With landscape gardener, permaculturist, and weed enthusiast Megan Martin of


Nairn Street Preservation Society: Shoe School

Nairn Street Preservation Society: Shoe School

In this workshop, expert shoemaker Louise Clifton will demonstrate techniques of shoe-making and share stories from her journey of learning & discovery: training with master craftspeople around the world, tutoring costumiers in the art of 17th Century French footwear design, and launching her latest venture – Shoe School.

Nairn Street Preservation Society presents Good Suds: Soap Making with Hebe Botanicals

Using herbs from the Cottage Garden and other natural ingredients, Sandra & Steve from Hebe Botanicals discuss and demonstrate the full soap-making process, and touch on other processes they use in making their range of natural beauty and health products. Gain the knowledge to make your own soap at home, and take away a sample of beautiful hand-made Hebe Botanicals soap.

Nairn Street Preservation Society: The Steaming Heap – Introduction to Composting

Heaps to learn at the Nairn Street Preservation Society: The Steaming Heap – Introduction to Composting

Get the dirty on how to compost. Join Nairn Street Cottage gardener Hannah Zwartz as she takes you through the do’s and don’ts of composting, with season specific and area- specific advice for budding composters. There will also be a digging demonstration of the Cottage compost heap.

Nairn Street Preservation Society: Nature’s Threads

A great activity at Nairn Street Cottage.

Learn the basics of how to dye fabrics and yarn using natural materials easily found in your shopping bag or backyard.

In this workshop, Bonnie de Gros will give a basic demonstration of how to dye fabrics using a range of colour sources, including native plants, grocery items, and plants growing in the Cottage garden.

Nairn Street Preservation Society: Pinhole Camera

Enjoy this great Pinhole Camera workshop at Nairn Street Cottage.

Join Photographers Paul Thompson and Benjamin James in a workshop where you will make your own pinhole camera / camera obscura.

From making the camera to taking the image and then developing with common household products – you’ll be the true colonial photography wizard.

Nairn Street Preservation Society: Kitchen Cultures

Enjoy this event on fermentation at Nairn Street Cottage with Kitchen Cultures.

Hear about the positive impacts that eating fermented foods can have on your gut health (and your pocket!)

Join Bonnie de Gros and learn tried & true methods for making a range of fermented foods, taste some of Bonnie’s own delicious fermented products, and take away your own recipe.

Winter Foraging Walk

A great outdoor activity for Winter.

Discover how you can forage for edible plants in Wellington’s green spaces with this Winter Forgaing walk, led by Johanna Knox, author of A Forager’s Treasury – a New Zealand guide to finding and using wild plants.

Johanna will introduce the basics of foraging, then lead you on a foraging walk through Berhampore’s McAllister Park and surrounds.

Participants must be available for the initial event date, and the rain date – 18th of June.

Nairn Street Preservation Society: Making Mozzarella

There’s nothing quite like making your own cheese.

In this workshop expert cheesemaker Alexis Murti will give you the lowdown on making perfect mozzarella. You’ll be guided through the process and leave with the skills and knowledge to astound your friends and family.

There will be some hands-on participation required, which is all part of the fun. At the end you’ll eat your newly made cheese and take instructions home to make your own.

Don’t forget to get your very own Nairn Street Preservation Society Tote Bag while you’re there!