How can we adapt to Climate Change?

Join us in this special panel discussion: How can we adapt to Climate Change?

This panel discussion will feature advocates from organisations in Wellington, talking about what we can do to adapt to climate change.

Adam Groenewegen is Sanctuary Care Lead Ranger and Sustainability Champion at Zealandia (He has pioneered a number of initiatives to reduce waste, energy use and Zealandia’s carbon footprint and is passionate about Sustainability).
Lisa McLaren is from Generation Zero and Councillor Iona Pannett from Wellington City Council.
Dr Huhana Smith is Head of the Massey University School of Art and leader of an interdisciplinary research project on Adaptation Strategies to Address Climate Change Impacts on Coastal Māori Communities.

They’ll be talking about how we, our community and our city can adapt to change, both now and in planning for the future.

Why does Antarctica matter?

This is a panel discussion featuring Wellington scientists who work on climate change every day.
Four Wellington scientists will explain why Antarctica matters and what their research is telling us about climate change and New Zealand. The panel will include experts from Victoria University, Met Service, NIWA and the Deep South Challenge, and they’ll be answering questions about their Antarctic research and what it means.

Panellists: Nick Golledge (Victoria University Antarctic Research Centre), Tim Naish (Victoria University Antarctic Research Centre), Erick Brenstrum (Met Service), Mike Williams (NIWA and the Deep South Challenge), Chair: Veronika Meduna (The Conversation)