How to find Matariki in the morning sky in 2024

Ka puta Matariki, ka rere Whānui, ko te tohu o te tau. 
Matariki appears as Whānui flees; this is the sign of the new year.

A graphic showing the stars and constellations, featuring Matariki, Pareārau, Taumata-kuku, Tautoru, and Puanga

Puanga and the Matariki star cluster appear in our morning sky in midwinter. To many iwi, the rising of Puanga and/or Matariki along with a Tangaroa (waning crescent) phase moon signifies the beginning of the Māori New Year.

To find these stars, look to the east before sunrise in late June and:

  1. Find the three stars of TAUTORU ORION’S BELT
  2. Find the bright star above, this is PUANGA RIGEL
  3. Find TAUMATA-KUKU ALDEBARAN and PAREĀRAU JUPITER in the constellation of Taurus.
  4. Draw a horizontal line going through Tautoru, Taumata-Kuku and Pareārau.
    Matariki is the small cluster of stars that will appear just above the line to the left of Taurus.

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