Princess Bay Aurora and Milky Way

Princess Bay Aurora and Milky Way, Photo by Mark Gee

There has been a fair bit of Aurora activity lately, so I’ve been getting all excited and heading out with my camera as soon as I hear there is a possibility of seeing one. I’m in Wellington at the bottom of the New Zealand’s North Island and you rarely get to see the Aurora Australis here, but I did manage to get this shot around 4am on Sunday 7th July 2013. It wasn’t much of a display, especially compared to the one the week before, but I was excited just to capture this.

This image was shot at Princess Bay on Wellington’s South Coast, and you can see the Milky Way arching above Island Bay to the right of frame, and the faint glow of the Aurora Australis can be seen in the left of frame. The Large Magellanic Cloud can also be seen high in the night sky frame left.