Community Education Programmes

We offer workshops, events, talks and more for adults. We invite everyone to take part.

Sun 101

Two-week night course

Learn about the Sun in our planetarium and weather permitting look at it through our solar telescope                                      .

Learn about the solar cycles; the astrophysics of a star; why it is dangerous to look at the Sun with the naked eye; the damage the Sun can cause to Earth including solar flares (and why there hasn’t been a major one lately); and the latest data from the satellites orbiting the Sun

Space Place | Monday 3 and 10 February | $40 | Bookings Essential | Book here

Telescope 101

Four-week night course

Tired of tripping over your telescope? Learn to use it over this 4 week course.

The course supports participants to understand and learn the theory and practicality of using a telescope. Suitable for beginners and novices; those who are thinking of buying a telescope, those who are a bit rusty and want to get back into it; those who have never learned the finer details.

Night sky viewing weather and light permitting.

 Programme covers:

  • basics of telescope
  • setting it up to use
  • eyepieces and attachments
  • mounts and collimation
  • intro to astrophotography


Space Place | Mondays for four weeks, starting 24 February 2020 | $150 | Bookings Essential | Book here

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