Community Education Programmes

We offer workshops, events, talks and more for adults. We invite everyone to take part.

The World Around Us

Sun 101

Two-week night course

Learn about the Sun in our planetarium and weather permitting look at it through our solar telescope                                      .

Learn about the solar cycles; the astrophysics of a star; why it is dangerous to look at the Sun with the naked eye; the damage the Sun can cause to Earth including solar flares (and why there hasn’t been a major one lately); and the latest data from the satellites orbiting the Sun

Space Place | Monday 3 or 10 February | $40 | Bookings Essential | Book here

telescope 101 education programmes tile

Telescope 101

Four-week night course

Tired of tripping over your telescope? Learn to use it over this 4 week course.

The course supports participants to understand and learn the theory and practicality of using a telescope. Suitable for beginners and novices; those who are thinking of buying a telescope, those who are a bit rusty and want to get back into it; those who have never learned the finer details.

Night sky viewing weather and light permitting.

 Programme covers:

  • basics of telescope
  • setting it up to use
  • eyepieces and attachments
  • mounts and collimation
  • intro to astrophotography

Space Place | Mondays for four weeks, starting 24 February 2020 | $150 | Bookings Essential | Book here

Stargazing 101

Stargazing 101

Five-week night course

Wellington as a capital city has a remarkably low level of light pollution meaning we can see plenty (but not too much) in our night skies. We would like to become the capital city which knows its skies. This five week course supports participants to learn and understand the night sky they are seeing, and get basic orientation skills. No experience necessary. Sessions stand alone. Suitable for age 12 and up.

Space Place | Next course in 2020 | Bookings Essential

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