Discover The Attic at Wellington Museum

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The Attic shares even more of Wellington and the region’s quirky stories.

The Attic focuses on the character of Wellington. Items on display include clothing belonging to the Wakefield brothers, Chinese herb grinders, nautical artwork by Frank Barnes and nods to the local film industry. It tells many stories, including Dame Whina Cooper’s, Richard Fuchs; a brilliant architect and composer whose talents have been rediscovered, and The Bond Store.

It’s a quirky and interactive space featuring collection items, artwork, images, photographs and audio visual components that portrays the evolution of Wellington, from early Māori settlement to today.

One of the most unique features of The Attic is the heritage rimu columns and floors that have been carefully renovated and strengthened, with time’s passage respectfully preserved to create layers of meaning within the space.

Explore Wellington’s past, present and future and discover the capital’s stories. This exhibition will captivate your imagination, stimulate your curiosity and give you a taste of what makes Wellington unique.

Ngā Hau

Stashed in The Attic is a time machine, Ngā Hau, which combines the magic of cinema with installation art. Spinning and clanking its way through time, Ngā Hau takes you on a journey through Wellington’s history, where you’ll meet significant characters who share their stories with you. Ngā Hau breathes life into our history – you’ll be captivated! Ngā Hau was developed by Perceptual Engineering in conjunction with Wellington Museum.

The Frederick Jersey de Clere room

Wellington Museum (The Bond Store) was designed by Frederick de Clere. Inside The Attic is a room dedicated to architect Frederick de Clere. In this space you’ll learn about the planning and design of the building, and see its original blueprints. The Bond Store one of the most architecturally significant buildings in New Zealand.

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