The Weight of Information 2.0: Meet 2 Delete

What is the Weight of Information 2.0?
Meet 2 Delete events hosted daily from 16-23 FEB


Watch docking event below:

Experience Wellington’s new Artist-in-Residence Julian Priest launched (quite literally) his latest project, “The Weight of Information 2.0,” on November 15th aboard Northrup Grumman’s Antares NG10 resupply mission to the International Space Station. The rocket will then deploy his 2cm x 2cm pico-satellite (named TWOi 2.0) into orbit where it will transmit metadata back to a receiver that is part of Priest’s installation in the Thomas King Observatory. 

According to Priest, “TWOi 2.0 exists in a universe where gravitation is caused by information, and it wants to climb to a higher orbit by deleting information, to ascend by forgetting.” 

To help our tiny tragic hero avoid the fiery fate of re-entry, members of the public are asked to delete data of their own in solidarity with TWOi 2.0 at scheduled “Meet 2 Delete” events at the Thomas King Observatory.  To participate, the public can bring shred-able data (student loan invoices, divorce papers, etc.) or digital data on computers or phones (photos, failed screenplays, etc.), delete it in-person during scheduled hours, and log the metadata where it will become a part of the art installation, temporarily at least.

If you are an Instagram user, we encourage you to film the deletion and post it as your Instagram story with the hashtags #Meet2Delete and #Delete2Ascend, and in keeping with the spirit of the project delete the story from your account before December 15th, when TWOi 2.0 will begin its decent. 

If you can’t come in person and still want to take part on Instagram, after filming your deletion, go to Julian’s website and log in your metadata with the Name of the deletion (“Picture of Bob”) and Date in the required fields.

Meet 2 Delete Schedule at Thomas King Observatory:

TWOi’s deployment from ISS and the Meet 2 Delete events begin February 16th running through 23 February– Open Daily from 11AM-6PM



TWOi 2.0 has left the Space Station has left the International Space Station. and will deploy  on February 16 into low Earth Orbit

Meet 2 Delete dates confirmed: 16 February-23 February–open Daily from 11AM-6PM

 TWOi 2.0 arrived and successfully docked  at the International Space Station (ISS) aboard a Cygnus NG 10 resupply vessel, 20/11/2018 at 1.31.AM NZT. Meet to Delete events will resume upon TWOi’s deployment from the ISS, scheduled for late February.