Sci-Fi Sundays: The Lego Movie 2

They come in pieces. 18th June.

In space, no one can hear you sing. Watch three sci-fi musical movies in Space Place’s planetarium this June.

Everything is more awesome in space! In this hilarious sequel the citizens of Bricksburg face a huge new threat: Duplo invaders from outer space wrecking everything faster than they can rebuild.

Join Emmet, Lucy and Batman on their action-packed adventure with catchy songs, non-stop laughs and stunning animation.

Book now for a stellar movie experience. Every ticket includes complimentary popcorn and an optional live star talk after the screening.


Sunday 18 June | 6pm | $25 | Space Place

Rated PG

Book to secure your spot and take a look at the other blockbusters invading the dome this June:

Little Shop of Horrors

Sunday 4 June| 6pm | $25 | Space Place

Rated PG

Repo! The Genetic Opera

Sunday 11 June| 6pm | $25 | Space Place

Rated R16