The History of Resistance Tour

with Matariki Williams. 13th Oct.

Te Whanganui-a-Tara boasts a rich history of activism. From land rights to rainbow values, Wellington city has been the centre of some the country’s most influential moments in our nation’s political, social and environmental history.

Marking the 48-year anniversary of Dame Whina Cooper’s 1975 Hikoi, Wellington Museum invites you to join the History of Resistance Tour led by author, curator and historian Matariki Williams.

Step back through time with Matariki as she guides you through the museum’s captivating collection with her unapologetically bold interpretations. Gain a fresh perspective on historic moments like the 1981 Spring Bok Tour protests, the 2001 bypass controversy and more examples of Wellington’s commitment to protest and resilience.

The tour includes a dinner of fish ‘n’ chips and fizzy drinks and a question-and-answer session with Matariki.

Friday 13 October | Doors open 5pm | Tour and Q&A 5:30pm – 9pm

Tickets $35

About Matariki Williams

Matariki Williams (Ngai Tuhoe, Ngati Whakaue, Ngati Hauiti, Taranaki) is a Whakatane-based writer, curator, and historian.

Matariki co-wrote Protest Tautohetohe: Objects of Resistance, Persistence and Defiance with Puawai Cairns and Stephanie Gibson.

Tour itinerary

Doors open

5:30pm – 6:15pm
The tour begins on level 1 in the Ngā Heke exhibition with the Evergreen Coffeehouse sign, anti-apartheid helmet and shield and Archibald Baxter sculpture. Next, Matariki will guide you through the museum’s attic with the “Bypass My Ass” display and the Dame Whina Cooper portrait.

6:15pm – 6:35pm
Fish ‘n’ chips and fizzy drink in the Capital Room

6:35pm – 9pm
Q&A with Matariki Williams while people create their own protest badges and cross stitches or do colouring-in of items featured in the tour.