Thaumatropes – Magical Moving Images


 School Holiday Craft Drop-in Sessions. 15 & 22 April.  

Create magic out of everyday objects with a thaumatrope! Bring your pictures to life and experience the early days of animation by creating your very own thaumatrope at one of the two drop-in sessions.  

Draw your pictures, cut them out, twirl and twist your fingers, and watch what happens…    

All materials are provided, courtesy of the generous donation from our friends at Gordon Harris The Art and Graphic Store. 

Tamariki of all ages welcome accompanied by an adult. 

Donations appreciated.  

Monday 15 & 22 April | 10am – 2pm | Cable Car Museum 

What is a thaumatrope?  

A thaumatrope is an optical toy that was popular in the 19th century. It is a two-sided disk with strings attached at its sides. Each side of the disk has an image on it. When the strings are twirled between the fingers, the two images appear to be one. A thaumatrope is considered an important forerunner in animation.