Sci-Fi Sundays: The Matrix

SP Movies Dystopia Web - The Matrix Web Feature

Reality is a thing of the past. 14th of August.

Celebrate classic movie throwbacks at Space Place with Sci-Fi Sundays: Dystopia.

Three post-apocalyptic blockbusters will be screened amongst the stars of Space Place’s spinetingling planetarium. Every ticket purchase includes FREE complimentary popcorn and candy.

Get trapped inside a simulated reality with The Wachowski’s masterpiece, The Matrix (1999).
Choose your destiny and join Neo (Keanu Reeves) as he dives into the underworld to battle secret agents and rise against intelligent machines to unlock the dark truth of the Matrix.

6pm – 8pm, Sunday 14 August | Space Place | R-M | $20

Book to secure your spot and take a look at the other blockbusters hitting the dome this June: Mad Max: Fury Road and Terminator 2: Judgement Day