Sci-Fi Sundays: Star Trek

Illustration from the scene of Star Trek

Rebellious Starfleet cadet James T. Kirk and neurotic Vulcan officer Spock must put their differences aside to defeat vengeful Romulan Commander Nero before it is too late. 6th of Dec.

Are you ready for a Vulcan good time? 

This December, experience the Star Trek franchise in Space Place’s state-of-the-art full dome planetarium. Cling-on to the edge of your seat and boldly go where many have gone before, but not like this. Screened among the stars, join the Enterprise crew as they voyage through space and the Kelvin Timeline. 

J.J. Abrams revives the iconic franchise with Star Trek (2009). Rebellious Starfleet cadet James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) and neurotic Vulcan officer Spock (Zachary Qintomust put their differences aside to defeat vengeful Romulan Commander Nero (Eric Bana) before it is too late. 

6.30pm doors open, 7pm – 9pm, Sunday the 6th of December | Space Place | PG-13 | $15 | Book here


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