Sci-Fi Sundays: Ghost of Mars

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It’s their planet… We are the aliens

It’s humanity vs the red planet in three films screened in Space Place’s planetarium this March.

The year is 2176. A Martian police unit is dispatched to transport a dangerous prisoner from a mining outpost back to justice. But when the team arrives they find the town deserted and some of the inhabitants possessed by the former inhabitants of the planet.

Written, directed and scored by horror hero John Carpenter, Ghost of Mars (2001).

Book now for a stellar movie experience. Every ticket includes complimentary popcorn.

Sunday 12 March | 6pm | $25 | Space Place

Rated M (Contains violence, explicit language and drug content)

Book to secure your spot and take a look at the other blockbusters invading the dome this March: Mars Attacks! and Total Recall.