Lunar Module

Lunar Module Exhibition Sheyne Tuffery

New Exhibition from Thomas King Observatory Artist-in-Residence Sheyne Tuffery. 20 July – 2 August

Coming July 19: A new body of work in response to the 50 year anniversary of the Apollo moon landing and exploring Wellington’s reaction to it. Thomas King Observatory artist-in-residence Sheyne Tuffery  presents Lunar Module, which seeks to remind people about how incredibly complicated, exhilarating, and dangerous it was to go to the moon and back in 1969.

“I feel the epic story of Apollo, and the preliminary missions of Mercury and Gemini are lost on most people, and current generations are in a vacuum of speculation of what actually happened. I hope this work inspires people to find out more, and look more closely.”

Experimenting with works on paper, mixed media paintings, and a 4 minute stereoscopic ( red/ blue glasses) motion-graphic animation, these mediums will entwine NASA photographs and moving images over the backdrop of Wellington.

Thomas King Observatory / Friday 20 July – 4 August