Learning at Space Place

Space Place learning sessions highlight the science and history of astronomy.

During our Space Place learning sessions you’ll get a planetarium show experience, browse Space Place’s interactive galleries and participate in a fun and interactive educator-led workshop.

We offer learning experiences for school students of all ages and our programmes support a range of curriculum areas. Contact our team to discuss your requirements and any questions you may have for your next visit.


All Space Place learning sessions are two hours long and include:

  • LEOTC supported educational workshop (30-40 minutes)
  • A planetarium show (45 minutes)
  • Time to explore our interactive, multimedia galleries

Education visits take place from Monday to Friday during term time, we have two sessions a day which start at 9:45am and 12:15pm. Each session can accommodate two groups of up to 35 students (for younger groups: Year 1 and 2 we strongly recommend a maximum of 20 students per group).


Take a browse through our programmes or contact us about customising an experience that suits your individual requirements. Charges apply for all education programmes.

  • $7.50 per student
  • $7.50 per adult helper
  • One teacher or adult helper per ten students is free
  • Teacher aides are free

There may be addition charges for collaborative programmes.

For information and to book an education visit at Space Place email us or phone us on 04 815 8303.


Space Place has it’s very own sing-along planetarium show called The Family of the Sun/Te Whānau o te Rā. Learn about the stories of the southern stars, see how the Moon orbits the Earth, and follow poor lost Pluto through the Solar system as he tries to find his way back home.

The World Around Us Levels 1–2 (Years 1–4)
Explore the Earth, Sun and Moon, including day and night, the rotation of the Earth and the changing phases of the Moon. This programme can be tailored to complement your class programme. The planetarium show Tilt works well with this programme.

Seasons, Shadows and Cycles Levels 2–4 (Years 3–8)
Study how shadows change. Whether it be daily or yearly, shadows relate to seasons and time. Learn how shadows affect our day-to-day life.  The planetarium show Tilt works well with this programme.

Explore the Solar System Levels 2–5+ (Years 5–10+)
You’ll begin with the Earth, Sun and Moon, before setting off to explore the planets of the Solar System and the relationships between them all. The planetarium show Dynamic Earth and We Are Astronomers works well with this programme.

Solar System and Beyond Levels 2–5+ (Years 5–10+)
Fly through our Solar System, find out what galaxies are and see the Hubble Deep Sky Field during this special interactive tour number limitations apply). This is an interactive tour, with video snippets and gallery challenges. It’s a perfect introduction to Space and for students on School Camps to Wellington.

Telescope Tour Levels 4–5+ (Years 7–10+)
Discover the collection of telescopes at Space Place;learn about how different types of telescopes work and construct a working telescope!

Astronomical Cycles and Timescales Levels 4–5+ (Years 7–10+)
Explore astronomical timekeeping and calendars from many different cultures around the world. Take a look at Te Maramataka and other lunar and solar calendars, how they are used and the stories hidden in the stars.

Extremophiles Levels 4–5+ (Years 7–10+)
Explore and understand the weird and wonderful world of extremophiles. Find out what they are, where they could live and why they are so important. The planetarium show We Are Aliens works well with this programme.

Hunting for Asteroids Levels 4–5+ (Years 8–10+)
Students use customised astronomical software and real telescope data to hunt for asteroids in the Solar System (number limitations apply).

Roving Robots (New) Curriculum Levels 4 – 5+ (Years 7 +)
Space Place is proud to announce its new education programme Roving Robots made possible by funding from the Pelorus Trust. In this programme students will learn how to programme Edison robots using Edware software in order to complete a number of different challenges . The planetarium shows Back to the Moon for Good and We Are Aliens work well with this programme.
Please notewe accept a maximum of 25  students for this session, this programme requires an hour long workshop and will not include gallery exploration time like all other Space Place workshops.


Capital City Connections Levels 2–4 (Years 5–8)
Capital City Connections is a cross-curricular, full day programme where students get a taste of the arts, culture, heritage, science and technology as they experience their capital city and their relationship with it. With Wellington City Gallery and Capital E.

Star Path Levels 3–4 (Years 5–8)
Embark on a journey of discovery, focusing on the opportunities and challenges of exploration and navigation, from the early Polynesian wayfinders to the satellite technology that we use today. With Wellington Museum and Space Place.

We Are Stars show iconWe Are Stars
Do you ever wonder how the universe was created? Roll up and experience the Big Bang, find out how atoms are made and discover the shared origin between planets, stars and you!

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SP show icon 1.0Family of The Sun
Space Place’s very own sing-along planetarium show. Learn about the stories of the Southern stars, see how the Moon orbits the Earth, and follow Pluto through the Solar System as she tries to find his way back home. Recommended for our youngest visitors/under 6s.

SP show icon 1.02Tilt
It’s a crazy day when snow starts falling and it’s the middle of summer! Join Annie and Max for a whirlwind adventure to find out how the seasons work. Recommended for our younger visitors.

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Bella GaiaBella Gaia
Inspired by astronauts who spoke of the life changing power of seeing the Earth from space, Bella Gaia is a stunning journey through dance and music, accompanied by breath-taking NASA images of our beautiful planet.

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Dinosaurs at DuskDinosaurs at Dusk
Travel back in time with Lucy and her father to discover the origins of flights and experience first-hand the cataclysmic “last day” of the dinosaurs. Recommended for our younger visitors.

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We are Aliens!We Are Aliens!
Our quest to know if we are alone in the Universe has only just begun. As our understanding of how life works continues to grow, so does the number of planets we discover. Explore the ongoing search for life beyond Earth. Recommended for our younger visitors.

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SP show icon 1.0007Dynamic Earth
Explore the inner workings of Earth’s climate system. Ride along on a swirling ocean and wind currents, dive into the heart of a monster hurricane, come face to face with sharks and gigantic whales and fly into erupting volcanoes.

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To Space and BackTo Space and Back
Journey from the far reaches of our known Universe to our own planet, and find out how the technology developed for space exploration is paving the way for the tools and devices we use every day here on Earth.

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We are AstronomersWe Are Astronomers
Today’s astronomer is not the lone observer of past centuries. Learn about the global collaboration, technology and dedication required in astronomy today, and how astronomers work together to answer some of the biggest questions in the Universe.

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Dawn of the Space AgeDawn of the Space Age
Re-live the excitement of the early days of space exploration, from the launch of the first artificial satellite to the magnificent lunar landings and the future of space travel.

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