Learning at Nairn Street Cottage

Nairn Street Cottage illustrates the story of Wellington through the Wallis family.

The oldest original settler dwelling in Wellington, the Cottage and heritage garden provide learning opportunities in a range of learning areas and across all levels.


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Past Times Pastimes Levels 1–4 (Years 5–8)
Using hands-on activities, games and artefacts, explore various aspects of colonial life and how it compares to modern day living.

WWI Life at Home Levels 1–4 (Years 5–8)
Take a look at the Wallis family story and explore the characteristics of life at home during WWI.

Te Aro o ngā Tupuna Levels 3–4 (Years 7–10)
Using our site and displays, see how the Wallis family survived and thrived in Wellington (students often combine this with a visit to Te Aro Pā to get a full perspective on the use of the land and resources and the impacts of colonisation).

Continuity and Change (NCEA History) Levels 7–8 (Years 11–13)
Programmes are tailored to the requests of teachers and based on NCEA achievement standards – examples include Māori History Project, Wakefield Scheme, analysis of colonisation and WWI Home Front.


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