In Conversation: Plimmers Ark – The Shipwreck Under the City

Plimmer's Ark

Lost for over 100 years, hear the story of reclaiming the shipwreck the Inconstant/Plimmer’s Ark. 30 April

Once the largest wooden vessel built in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, the Inconstant spent three years upon the waters before foundering in Wellington’s harbor and becoming a central part of early Wellington’s history.  Archaeologist Mary O’Keeffe of Heritage Solutions discusses the archaeological investigation and recovery efforts of the shipwreck that the “Father of Wellington”  John Plimmer re-purposed into Plimmer’s Ark–a Lambton Quay warehouse used as an auction house, customs office and lighthouse before being buried beneath the first Bank of New Zealand building  for over 100 years. Mary was one of the archaeologists involved in excavating Plimmer’s Ark in the 1990’s.

After the talk participants will take a short walk down  to the Old Bank Arcade and check out the Ark itself.

Tuesday 30th April/  12:15pm – 1:15pm/  Entry by KOHA