Birdfeeder and The Spectre Collective

Two local psychedelic bands haunt Wellington Museum this Halloween. 31st of Oct.

Birdfeeder, a new south seas psych-rock band start the show with art-pop and gothic overtones. Their sharp lyrics explore the personal, the political and the cosmic. The trio debuted their first single and music video Banana Boxes in September and is ready to unleash their warped retro grooves into the wild.

The Spectre Collective return to Wellington Museum with Delirium Imperium, their darkest, strangest and heaviest album yet. The trio promises a sonic exploration of mischief, anxiety and paranoia. Dance to their dreamy sci-fi numbers and abrasive horror soundscapes.

As we approach the end of a year consumed by plagues and ruled by monsters, it’s time to dust off those cobwebs, wear a different kind of mask, and dance the fear away.

Halloween costumes encouraged, with prizes for best dressed!

8:30pm – 11pm, Saturday the 31st of October | Doors open 8pm | Wellington Museum | Koha | R18