After Hours: Quadraphonics (presented by AAA)

After Hours: Quadraphonics Presented by AAA

An immersive evening of cutting-edge sound art installations and live performances. 8 November

An immersive evening of cutting edge, sound art installations, and live performance. This is an ‘After Hours’ event created on the back of last year’s successful Aotearoa Arts Festival, which showcases artists working with four-channel loudspeaker configurations. It is for people who want to stimulate their senses, imagination, and experience a dynamic art and music experience that resonates with the soul.


Hanno Leichtmann (DE)

Amy Jean Barnett (NZ)

Thomas Voyce (NZ)

Sally Ann McIntyre (AU)

Wellington Museum | Friday 8 November | 6:30pm (Doors 6pm) | Tickets $20 | Bookings Recommended