Jet Jaguar: Grounded in One Location

Jet Jaguar:

Experience a music and visual soundscape like no other. 26 February

Electronica music producer Jet Jaguar is set to play at Space Place.

Jet Jaguar a.k.a. Michael Upton will bring an hour-long electronic music and visual composition to the Space Place planetarium.

Enjoy a unique soundscape and visual experience. Both the music composition and the visuals will be built in live – so the sound that is generated will produce a significant visual effect that will be shown on the full dome screen. It will be an intoxicating fusion of sound and image as producer and videographer dance within electronic music and interacting pictures.

General admission $18 and door sales available for $23

WHEN: 26 February at 7pm
WHERE: Space Place at Carter Observatory
PRICE: $18 (door sales $23)

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