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Saturday 29 November

1pm - 4pm

Free entry

A Call to Yarn

A Call to Yarn is a request for 18,166 crafted poppies, one for each of the New Zealand men and women who lost their lives in the Great War. We need you to help us crochet, knit, sew or craft a poppy and all poppies will be given to the National Army Museum as a part of their display.

New exhibition feature

Our new timeline reveals what life would be like from 1830 to 1970. The timeline is part of a new exhibition experience that reveals extensive research to present the lives and events of Wellington’s history. The grand timeline is the depiction of the journey of the pioneering Wallis family, the history of New Zealand and the world.

See the heritage chickens

Our three lovely heritage chickens have grown and are now quite huge.

Harriett, Ali and Clover live in the cottage garden which is open to the public free every day during daylight hours.

Make sure you pop by soon and pay them a visit.

Harriett the chicken


Harriett and Ali the chickens

Harriett and Ali (Clover seems to be camera shy)

Harriett is a Barred Rock, Ali a Light Sussex and Clover a Blue Orpington. These types of heritage chickens were typical in the 19th century.

In the Cottage

Original furniture, wallpaper and precious objects from the family remain in the cottage - their careful restoration showcases the construction techniques and materials of the era.


Original wallpaper in the Nursery

Out in the garden

Sample some of the wild fruits or purchase some of the homemade preserve from the shop. The garden is open all year round to visit at your leisure.

Colonial Cottage heritage garden

Rear garden at Colonial Cottage Museum

A comprehensive garden brochure is available at the visitor centre for more detailed information.